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We are based in Portland Oregon. This club has been around for about 50 years and in the past have raced everything. We at one point were primarily 1/8 scale unlimiteds. We are a fast electric club racing primairaly 10th scale unlimiteds and UL and 12th scale ready to run classes. Most of our members have raced 1/8 scale unlimted hydros in RCU for many years and now bring that knowledge and passion to 10th scale electric racing, as many of our members race in ERCU out of Seattle as well. We are a very competative bunch and enjoy helping new racers get to the faster level of racing. We have two sites we race at primarialy right now, they are OMAS in Banks and Westmoreland pond in east Portland. We do have other sites we are working to develop too. We have added the "P" class outrigger to the racing classes. It is a NAMBA class and we are looking to add the 1/8th scale electric class as well. Very fast boats.

The UL class is a race it out of the box class. modifications to the hull and running componets are not allowed. We do allow the use of any prop. it is very fast, close and competative racing and there is no building or set up of the boats. the UL's are very fast right out of the box and you get everything you need except batteries and a charger to go racing including the radio. Cost: about $350. nothing more to buy. Great class for the kids as well as us big kids.

This year we are still offering the "open" class. the boats will be limited in size, motors (5) and battery voltage(14.8). It will be a close copy of the NAMBA "P" limited class. Mostly consist of electric riggers, hitting around 60 mph. we have 2 built already. should be an exciting class for some high speed racing.

Rose city will be using two bodies of water this year, the OMAS(oregon Model Aircraft Squadron) pond in Banks and Westmoreland Park In east portland. All are unbelieveable sites for electric racing. We race following the required NAMBA rules for all our classes. Some of the 10th scales are set up to be able to run in the ERCU and Classic Thunder circuit, both out of the Seattle area, as some of the members run in those organizations as well as in our race circuit.

Come join us. Contact one of the members and find out how.

Rose City Model Yacht Club

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Fun Run in March

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Go fast, blowover but don't do it in front of me!!

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