RCMYC Boat Classes

Rose City runs primarily 3 classes of electric hydros. They are:

1/10 scale electric
1/12th scale (pro boat)

all classes are electric and will comply with the NAMBA electric class rules. all boats are inspected for violations for fairness. check the NAMBA rules for more information. We have added the "P" class hydro class and the 1/8th scale unlimited class for 2014.

Class Requirements:

1/10 scale unlimiteds are model after the real unlimited hydro. Boats can not use more than a 4S lipo pack and are restricted to the Himax 1500, the aquacraft black jack or the SV 27 motor. drive shafts for vintage boats must be a straight hard shaft. you may use any speed control you wish. The boats measurements/specs must meet the NAMBA requirement for + and - dimensions and must be a scale representation of a real unlimited hydroplane.

Modern class are allowed to run a flex cable drive shaft and are allowed a outboard turn fin. they stil are limited to the same motors and batteries. Modern hulls race against modern hull vintage hulls race against vintage hulls. Points are seperate as well.

UL-1/Pro Boat:
RCMYC 1/12 scale RTR class rules The intent is to provide a low cost entry class to model hydroplane racing, also providing seasoned racers a less detail intensive racing class. If a modification is not expressly permitted within the rules, that modification is illegal.

Legal Boats:
Aquacraft UL-1 Superior (P/N AQUB20**)
ProBoat Miss Elam 1/12 (P/N PRB3550)
(Converted Proboat Miss Budwiser 1/12 scale hulls are legal as long as stock components from the above listed boats are used for the conversion)

ProBoat A3630-1500 (P/N PRB3310)
Aquacraft 36-56-2030 (P/N AQUG7001)

Speed Control:
ProBoat 45amp ESC (P/N PRB3309)
Aquacraft 60amp ESC (P/N AQUG7011)

1. Stock hardware components may be exchanged between hulls. Essentially, if a part comes stock on one boat, it may be used on the other.
Examples: Motors, esc's, rudders, turnfins, struts may be exchanged between hulls.
2. Stock radio may be replaced.
3. Allowable aftermarket replacement items:
a. The stock flex cable may be replaced with a similar design .150 cable (Octura, Hughey, etc.
b. The stock cable collet may be replaced with Octura (P/N ocfhe5mm15 ) 5mm-.150 flexhex.
c. The strut bushing may be replaced with Speedmaster (P/N spds-014-bsf).
d. Electrical connectors between motor/ESC/Battery may be replaced.
e. Teflon stuffing tube liner may be replaced.
f. Motor cooling jacket and water lines may be replaced.
g. No other non-stock items are allowed.

1. Sponson bottoms and edges may be trued/sharpened to remove production flaws. No material may be added to alter the shape of the ride surface.
2. Wings and fins may be removed.
3. Air dams may be added to the tunnel roof.
4. Boats may be painted.
5. No other hull modifications are allowed.
Battery: 4S lipo (2x 2S in series), 3700mah minimum capacity, 25C minimum discharge rate.

Propeller: Open

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